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Accounts Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewers frequently ask some common questions in an accounts executive interview. So it is important to be prepared with answers to some of the questions. Below you will find some interview questions with answers that are generally asked for an accounts executive job. Make yourself ready and confident for your interview.

Q: What made you apply for an accounts executive job?

A: You should say that this job matches with your skills and abilities and it’s the area where you have studied in and see a future in this job. This job will also enhance your professional experience.

You can also add that the job description suits your knowledge and skill and you will be able to add value to the responsibilities mentioned in the job description.

Q: Tell me what do you know about this job position.

A: To answer this question, you should read properly the job description provided by the company in the advertisement. A description of the duties to be performed regarding the accounts executive position and mentioning the skills you possess to fulfill the requirements of the position is what you have to say.

Q: What are the major tasks for an account executive?

A: For answering this question, you have to be clear with the job description. Your answer should be specific and to the point. You need to outline the major tasks you have to undertake as an accounts executive. Different companies have different tasks for an accounts executive. It is better to give an answer based on the job description.

Q: What qualifications do you have that relate to this position?

A: This is a critical question for a fresher. You only have academic qualification and have no experience as an accounts executive. Be honest in your answer. Academic Qualification from a recognized and reputed University is not that important for an accounts executive. Being a fresher, you can add your skills and interest apart from your academic qualification in your answer.

Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: The weaknesses that you mention here should not affect how you fit for this accounts executive position. An honest assessment of your weaknesses should be done before appearing for your interview. Your answer should include only work related and not anything related to personal weakness. While saying about your weaknesses, it is important to mention what you are doing to overcome your weakness.

Q. What is your greatest weakness?

A: This question is the most difficult and a potential question for interviewers. You should never say something which will make you unfit for the job. For example, calculation mistakes are a wrong weakness for accounting jobs. The weakness should be either an irrelevant weakness or a weakness can be shown as a strength by working on it. Whatever weakness you say, it should not be a criteria for your rejection for the position. Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that the weakness should be a true weakness and you should not lie about it.

Q. Tell me what you know about this organization.

A: Before appearing for your interview, have thorough knowledge about the organization. Your level of knowledge about the organization is what is judged by the interviewer’s. Check out the organization’s website, annual reports, newspaper articles, press releases etc. You should give a confident answer showing the interviewer that you have interest in the organization where you want to work.

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