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Advice Letter for Avoiding Relocation for a New Job

An advice letter is written to a senior, friend, family member or generally any one for seeking advice regarding a particular matter or situation. The letter should include all the relevant information about the problem to avoid misunderstandings. In this post are Advice Letter for avoiding relocation for a new job, relocation cover letter and sample advice for job offer.

You may use the relocation cover letter example and job offer letter template as a reference to draft your own letter.

Advice Letter for Avoiding Relocation for a New Job


Miss. Hana Baker

123, High Try Towers,

California, United States of America

Date: September 28, 2022


Mr. Sam Greyjoy

78, Street no. 20,

Texas, United States of America

Subject: Advice for avoiding relocation for a new job

Dear Sam,

I hope you and your family are doing well and in good health. Everything here is okay. It has been really long since we last met and caught up about out good old school days. I was so happy to receive your letter the other day telling me about the new job that you have got.

I am happy for you finally being able to move forward in your life into a new chapter. The offer looked tempting, both financially and profile-wise. It would be a nice idea to relocate in the new city for the job from your current one. But considering your personal life, I would advise you to stay a little longer in your current job.

Some of the reasons I have to support this are that your children are well settled in the best school in town with their friends made up. It would not be a great idea for them to move cities in the crucial years of their schooling. Your wife has been doing great in balancing life out in her current job. Relocation will also require you to give up your current friend circle and business network.

So, I would advise you to stay here for a while at least until the kids finish their schooling and move to places of their choice for their college and also until your wife gets some time to figure out something for her career in the new city as well. Having said that, if you still decide to take on the new job, I am always there to support you. Whatever your decision is, keep in mind the after-effects that it will have on you and your family. Take care Sam, and keep me updated with what you decide.


Hana Baker

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