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Brand Manager Interview Questions

Brand manager interview questions include:

1. Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a customer.

2. What would you do to maximize the brand image in this region?

3. A new competitor is entering the market, how do you protect your market share?

4. Walk me through your CV.

5. Explain how you have succeeded in marketing projects.

6. Tell me about a brand that does not compete in your current category that is not doing performing well and why?

7. Walk me through your resume – tell me why you’re qualified.

8. Say an example you have lead a team successfully to accomplish a task

9. Why should we hire you as opposed to someone else?

10. What is Function of Marketing/Corporate Affairs Officer and manager

11. In trying to market a product, how do you differentiate one brand of product to another.

12. how do you compute the price of your product?

13. I need to know about marketing communication.

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