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Sample Letter for Lost Company ID Card – Id Card Missing Letter

If you have lost your company ID card then you must inform your company about the missing ID card formally by writing an email. If you don’t know how to white explanation letter for lost company ID then you can find answers to all your questions here with us.

We bring a format for ID card missing letter. With the sample mail of lost company ID, you can also request form for new ID card. Use this ID card missing letter along with replacement of lost card to write your own letter.

Sample Explanation Letter for Lost Company ID


Rakesh Gupta

52A, Gandhi Nagar

New Delhi

Date: 16.08.18


Adarsh Swami

Human Resource Manager

Fullerton Software Ltd.

New Delhi

Sub: Regarding Loss of Company ID

Dear Mr. Gupta,

I would like to report the loss of my company ID, as of August 20th, 2018. While going back home from work day before yesterday, a pick-pocket stole my wallet which also had my Company ID card. Though I have filed a FIR for the same but I am not very sure whether I will be getting it back or not.

It was a mere accident and therefore, I request you to please issue a replacement of the same to me.

Thanking in anticipation for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Rakesh Gupta

Marketing Executive

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Letter Format for Intimating the Workers that Sunday is a Working Day

A letter format for intimating the workers that Sunday is a working day is issued when the workers are asked to work for some important reasons. If any working day was declared as a holiday due to political reasons, weather reasons or any other reason, and there is an important task or work or project that has to be completed within a strict deadline, then the workers will be asked to work on a Sunday. We have given a sample letter below asking the workers to work on a Sunday. You can use this sample and customize it accordingly.

Dear workers,

We are all working on a critical project very hard to make it a success. The project completion date is coming soon. All of you are doing a great job on the job. Unfortunately, our office had to remain closed due to national bandh called by a national political party which caused hindrance in our operations and our work on last Tuesday.

We had to adhere to the government and close the office premise. But as you all know, we cannot go back on our deadline of project completion with our client. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have decided to work on this Sunday to compensate for the Tuesday holiday. This might upset your weekend plans. Lease bear with us. Hope to receive your support on work this Sunday.



HR Department

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Circular About Office Timing

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How to Change/Correction Employee Name in ESIC Portal – ESIC Name Change Letter Format

Often we come through many queries seeking the proper way of changing the employee name in ESIC portal. However, these queries are always left unanswered due to lack of knowledge about the correct process. To help those people, here we are providing detailed descriptions about the proper process of changing or correcting the employee name in an ESIC portal. Some of the guidelines to remember before the process:

  • The ESIC name change process can only be done in offline mode. There is no online platform or process for changing employee name in ESIC portal. However, an employer can change the nominee details, details of family members and other additional details in ESIC employer portal.
  • Before knowing the process to change employee name in ESIC portal, one should sought out the reasons for wrong names in ESIC portal. Wrong names generally happen when the employer misspells an employee name during the registration process in the portal.

How To Edit Employee Name In ESIC Portal

In order to successfully change the IP name in ESIC portal, the employee needs to submit a proper request letter seeking correction of his/her name in the regional ESIC office. The request letter, however, should be attested effectively by the employer. Without any attestation, the Employee State Insurance Corporation would never change the name of the employee. Kindly refer the sample ESIC name correction letter format for application.

ESIC Name Change Letter Format


To                                                                                                                                                     Date: 05-03-2018

The Branch Manager,

ESIC Office Address.

Sub: Change Of IP name RAHUL CHAWLA bearing insurance number 7422xxx469

This to draw your attention to that the name of the above employee RAHUL CHAWLA, ESIC No: 7422xxx469 has been entered wrongly during the registration process. The correct name of the person is RAHUL CHAWLA, but in ESIC portal it has entered as RAHUL CHAWLA. As such, we kindly request you to please correct and enter the name properly to RAHUL CHAWLA.

Thanking you in advance.

For Maheshwari Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Signatory

Establishment Code: 7422005xxx469748


Note: This letter and esic correction form should be taken a printout on company letter head. After preparing the letter, either the employee or employer needs to submit it in the nearest regional ESIC office. The ESCI would make the necessary corrections to employee name within a span of 15-30 days.

Click Here to Download ESIC Name Change Letter In Word and PDF Format.

How to get a UAN number through a PAN/ Aadhar/ PF Account number

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Writing a Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Attendance

Every employer educates his employees about the HR policies, leave policy, and attendance letter at the time of on boarding. The number of leaves he can avail will be mentioned to every employee explicitly. There is a process to apply for leave so that the management is aware of employee absenteeism. However rules are meant to be broken. Some employees take leaves as an when they like without any prior intimation or leave application. This will impact the work schedule and productivity of the company resulting in loss. Lack of punctuality will not get any success to an employee. Management warns and tries reprimand to bring discipline and punctuality in the employees in case of excess absenteeism. You can find a sample warning letter for irregular attendance here to warn the employee.

Sample Warning Letter to Employee for Poor/Excessive Attendance

To,                                                                                                                           Date: 21/02/2018

Pradeep Seth,

Employee ID: 7337556,

Designation: Production Supervisor,

Department: Production.

Sub: Warning Letter for Poor Attendance

Dear Mr. Pradeep Seth,

There has been an observation that you have taken leaves exceeding your casual, sick and paid leaves in the past Six months without any prior intimation to your manager. Despite of your manager warning you in the past, there is no change in your behavior.

Your behavior is a clear indication of negligence in performing your duty. You are hereby asked to submit an explanation on your absenteeism lateness to office within 2 days. Treat this as a final warning letter and any further in disciplinary action may lead to the serious action on you which may lead to termination.

Treat this issue as urgent and important. A copy of this letter will be kept in office file for future reference.

For Samyukta Company Pvt. Ltd

Authorized Signatory.

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Company Canteen Rates Hike Circular to Employee

Canteen in a company premises have been part of formal as well as informal discussions over coffee, tea or snacks. Employees get to spend a casual time in the premises, which is good for the enhancement of cognitive power. As known, the food quality of canteen is always delectable.  In fact, the circular put on the notice board is meant to inform employees about the increased rates of varied food items available in the canteen. The increased rates are a resultant of GST taxes over the purchase of raw materials used to cook a meal. Though, the rates are increased; they have been decided in conjunction with the authoritative permission of the company heads. Under mentioned is the circular format for employees informing about increased rates of canteen food products.

Dated: December 23th, 2017

Notice / Circular

This circular for change in canteen rates is meant to inform the employees that the food items in the canteen menu have been slightly increased. Such a decision has been taken by the canteen manager and administrative authorities by keeping in mind increased prices of raw materials and other products used for cooking meals in the canteen. The new rates for food items are subject to change from December 26, 2017. Along with this, every bill will have CGST and SGST levied on the total price.

We hope that the company employees will be supportive in the decision because of the hike in prices of vegetables and materials. For the updated rates, the employees can consult with the canteen manager and check the new menu that will be available in the canteen premises from day after tomorrow onwards.

Thank you very much in advance for your co-operation and taking the administrative decision in a favorable manner.


Rajesh Khandelwal

Admin Head

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Sample Letter Inquiring About Hiring Decision

We all are keen on knowing the status of the application once we are done with the interview. But not all of us take pains to write to the company for a follow up thinking it to be a waste of time or we are not confident enough to enquire about it. Remember writing a letter inquiring about hiring decision leaves a positive impression on the employer as it shows your seriousness towards the job.

Here is an example template to help you frame a professional letter addressing the HR department to ask about the status of your hiring. Personalize it as per your need and find out about the hiring decision.

Sample Letter Inquiring About Hiring Decision

Adam Smith

22, Nicholas Street


Ph: 1234-5678

Date: 25.09.15


Andrew Joseph,

HR Manager,

ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd.,

52 Park Street


Dear Mr. Joseph,

The purpose of writing this letter is to find out about the status of my job application. I have applied for the position of Marketing Manager at ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd. My interview was scheduled on 15th September, 2015. I had the chance to meet you in person and know more about the company which made me more interested in joining your prestigious organization.

I would like to express my interest in this job opening as I am quite sure that my qualifications and experience are going to suit the profile. As discussed during the interview, I have wonderful organizational skills that are essential for planning, managing and executing. I have profound knowledge of complete procedures that are needed to carry out marketing projects of all possible lengths. As now I am more informed about ABC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., I feel I can come up with wonderful marketing plans which will help the organization grow. Not only that, I already have so many ideas coming up which just need right planning to come up with wonderful results.

I would like to thank you for taking out time from your hectic schedule to interview me. I am really very excited and hopeful for joining your esteemed organization. Looking forward for a positive response from your side. You can contact me at 1234-5678or email me at

Yours sincerely,

Adam Smith

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Authorization Letter From Company Head

Authorization letter is a useful document which is written with a purpose to give authority of acting to someone else on one’s behalf. If you are working with a company and you have to go out on a vacation or you are on leave for some personal reasons then before going you must write an authority letter to your executive or anyone else delegating him the authority of signing the documents in your absence on your behalf.

If you are not sure of how to begin writing such a letter then here is a formal example sample of authorization letters from company head consisting of all important details to make your letter informative. Use this format to create a personalized letter for your situation.

Example Authorization Letter From Company Head

Date: 16th June, 2015

I, Adam Gibbs, hereby certify that I, the Manager of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. authorize Mr. Sam Smith to attend to all the issues and sign all the documents in my absence from 01.07.2015 to 31.08.15. During this time period he will be responsible for handling all the important matters that require attention of the management for approval.


Adam Gibs,


ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd

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Full And Final Settlement Letter Central Excise

Full and final settlement letter central exercise is written for a business purpose and this letter is issued at the time of relieving an employee from a company. Generally, the letter deals with making the complete payment which a company is liable to pay to the concerned employee. The amount of payment depends upon the terms and condition of the company and according which, the payment is made to an employee.

A format of full and final settlement letter is given below. You can add your own information to use the letter as per your requirements. The letter is in word format and if it suits your criteria, you can download it too.

Sample Letter of Full And Final Settlement


Mr. Robert Koch

100 Avenue D,
8th Street, Fort Lee,
New York

Subject: Full And Final Settlement Letter

Mr. Koch,

In respect of your resignation application dated on 16.08.2010, the management of our company accepted your resignation and relieves you from the post of software engineer.

As per your service during the notice period, we attached the cheque amount.

Wish you best of luck for your future.


James Codie

The letter must contain the amount which is given to the employee and, other than that it should attach all the important details about the employee’s working area so that the concerned person does not have any problem to understand. The full and final settlement worksheet should be attached along with the letter. Generally, it is the payment of working during the notice period in a company. The letter must give an employment detail of the concerned company.

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Acceptance of Resignation Letter Format

 I have Attached the Format for Resignation Letter Acceptance











This refers to your letter of resignation dated 21 December 2011 where in you have expressed your desire to leave this organization due to some personnel problem.



In view of the above your resignation has been accepted and you are revealed from duty with effect from 31 December 2011.You are further directed to clear all dues if any and submit company’s belonging to personnel dept.




We wish you all success and prosperity in your future life.




HR Manager



<Company Name>

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