10 Do’s and Don’ts To Follow While Resigning From Your Job

Resigning from your job is as important as applying for a new job. You cannot simply leave a note at the desk of your boss saying that you are resigning or you cannot even have a heated argument with me and simply walk out. There has to be a proper and graceful resignation. It is important because you are leaving your last impression with the organization you have worked and it is recommended that you do it in a professional and pleasant manner.

This article talks about the 10 important dos and don’ts that you must follow while resigning from your job. Keeping these tips in mind can help you leave a positive impression on your employer and will always be helpful in your career directly or indirectly.

Dos To Follow While Resigning

Here are some of the most important dos that you must follow to make it a pleasant experience for you and your employer…

  1. Inform to your boss personally

Make sure you inform your boss about your intention to resign face to face. Sending him an email or leaving a note on his desk is not the right way. Be confident of sharing your decision with him without any fail. Keeping him informed is following the right protocol and will never put you in any kind of tension.

  1. Be prepared

On sharing this information, your boss might propose some offer to you in order to motivate you to stay back. Be prepared with your answer and know how much you are worth. Stay strong and stay practical.

  1. Keep it constructive

While giving reasons for resignation, be positive in criticizing. You have talk with facts and figures in mind as this will make your stand powerful and logical. Keeping it vague will never be a good justification to your decision.

  1. Be helpful

While handing over your work to your colleagues always be helpful. Be ready to guide them as and when it is needed.

  1. Focus on references

During this process, be sure about the people you would want a job reference. This will help you get a better job.

Don’ts To Follow While Resigning

Now we have the list of things you must never do while resigning from your job…..

  1. Don’t make things awkward

It is important to leave your job gracefully, bragging about your new job can make others feel bad. Never do anything that makes other people feel bad and make things awkward for you in any way. This is one of the most common mistakes we all make when we are happy thereby making things awkward for everyone around us.

  1. Don’t make it public on social media

Never ever announce all this on social media as it is highly unprofessional and damaging to your image for long run. Keep it personal and subtle. Announcing things like this on social networking websites is beyond damage.

  1. Don’t forget to clean your computer

Never ever forget to clean your system. Before leaving make sure that you have removed all your files and data from the computer you have been using at your workplace. Transfer your personal data and make things clean for a fresh start.

  1. Don’t be negative

Every organization has some negative things but talking about them when you are leaving the job is not the right time and especially if you are being negative instead of being constructive. If you cannot be positive, it is better to be quiet.

  1. Don’t refuse to work for notice period

If it is in your contract then you must serve the notice period without making it a topic for discussion. There is no harm in serving for the notice period to keep things simple and sorted. In fact, always keep your joining keeping in mind the notice period as it will never spoil your relationship with your present or future company.

Use these points to make your resignation comfortable and hassle free. With these dos and don’ts, you will never spoil your association with your employer.

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10 Unprofessional Activities to Strictly Avoid in Your Career

Career is of utmost importance to all of us and to make it shine bright, we work hard to have a well developed country. But sometimes we might just ending up ruining it all with one wrong move. Every move that we make, we make with an intention to take our career to next level but sometimes unknowingly or knowingly, we end up making a mistake which hampers our career.

This post highlights the top 10 unprofessional activities that we must all avoid in order to keep your career on the right track.

1. Stop Doing Your Work

No matter what the reason is, you cannot simply stop doing your work when you are at office. In case, you are not happy with your boss or with the working culture and you have mentioned this to your management. In such a scenario, you are expected to keep working rather than sitting idle and waiting for the decision to come. If you stop doing your work, then it is an unprofessional thing to do which shows your negligence towards your job.

2. Unprofessional Conduct

While at work, you are expected to behave professionally as this is a rule of the corporate world and you must never break it. Never ever get stuck in a situation wherein someone has to come up to you and warn you about your misconduct. Always be professional when you are at work, no matter where you come from.

3. Work From Home

Companies do offer the comfort of work from home to their employees but making stupid excuses to work from home is the worst thing to do. This is just a comfort and you must use it when it is actually necessary. Do not simply opt for it so that you can relax at home. It is unprofessional.

4. Miss on Meetings

If you have a meeting scheduled an hour before your usual official timings and you skip it, it is seriously damaging to you. It is very important that you take all your meeting requests seriously. Making excuses for skipping it gives a wrong message.

5. Participating in Unimportant Programs

Sometimes we end up participating in events of no importance like a dance class or yoga session or a cultural event. These programs are good to attend, only if you are doing complete justice to your professional roles and responsibilities. Never miss on your work because of these programs which are not connected with your profession.

6. Not Being Serious

If you are not serious about your work, nothing can save your career. Being very casual with things is not good for your professional growth. If you will take everything lightly, then you will head nowhere.  Work demands seriousness and commitment.

7. Take 5 Meal Breaks Instead of 3

Most of us love to take breaks as and when we want and we end up going for breaks for more than 3 times. We go for tea breaks, coffee breaks and meal breaks because of which we are actually spending more time in food and talks than at our desk, working for the job for which we have been appointed. Do not be a part of those groups who happen to do these things.

8. Taking All Types of Leaves

Companies offer different kinds of leaves and you aim to utilize all these leaves, whether they are needed to not. You want to use all the sick leaves and casual leaves. And for this you will make all possible excuses which will surely mean that you are creating stories than reporting the real problem. So never do such a thing which can ruin your reputation.

9. Strong Focus on Grooming

It has often seen in offices that female employees spend too long in washrooms grooming themselves. You need to understand that you need to groom yourself on the technical front rather than on your looks. Likewise, male employees spend good amount of time in gyms to work on their body. There has to be a limit to everything.

10. Fall Sick Every Few Days

If you are taking too many leaves saying that you are sick then this is going to ruin your reputation because your boss would always feel that you are always unwell. And in such a scenario, you can never expect your boss of give you a task of high priority or to give you appraisal because you are never well to perform your duties.

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Steps For Writing Resume Received Email

Communication is extremely important in the professional scenario as it sets the flow of information so that the work is carried on with smoothness. If you are the HR Manager of your company and you have received resumes of the candidates for different profiles then as a professional company, you must send resume received email to all those who have applied for the job. This is important so that the candidate is informed that the resume that he had sent has been received and acknowledged by the company so that there is no room for uncertainty.

If you don’t know how to write such a letter then here are some steps which will make this job a lot easier for you. Follow these guidelines and you would be able to draft a perfect formal resume received email.

  • Start with Acknowledgement

Always start with acknowledging that you have received the resume and the application of the candidate. This should include the name of the organization along with the profile name for which the resume has been sent.

  • Mention the Process

After this you must include a few lines on the process, on the last date of application and other related things. The idea is to bring clarity about the process in the mind of the candidate. For instance, you can mention that “We will screen all applicants and select candidates whose qualifications seem to meet our needs. We will select the best 5 who will be called for the interview.”

  • Mention a Tentative Date

If you can then you must include a tentative date in your letter which is the date by which the candidates will be informed about the decision concerning interview.

  • End it With Good Luck

End your email with a good luck note on behalf of your company. Keep it short and simple.

Use these simple steps to frame a personalized resume received email on behalf of your company with all the important points. Keep this email short and informative as it is just an acknowledgement of resume received.

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5 Most Common Mistakes That Damage Your Career

We all want to be successful in our career and we work really hard for it but despite everything we do, we feel that something is missing and something is not going right. Well, unknowingly we end up making certain mistakes that indirectly adversely impact our career. These are some of our bad habit or behavioral issues because of which all our hard work to be successful in our professional life get affected.

This post talks about the most commonly made 5 mistakes that damage our career. So read on and find out what actions impact your professional life so that you can avoid them in order to be successful.

1. Giving Money Importance Over Opportunity

Money is important but it is surely not everything. When your focus shifts to monetary gains, you end up looking at other intangible things which are more important than financial benefits. Sometimes we rank money over the opportunity to learn or chance to perform and as a result we damage our career. It is very important to always rate opportunity over money as it will help you gain experience, knowledge and confidence to perform a job. This in turn will bring you happiness and contentment. All of things are very important for a bright and shiny career.

2. Not Giving Importance to Relationships

Some of us think that work is everything and focusing on our work is the only thing which we need but this is not true. You also need to give importance to professional relationships. You need to pay attention to your association with your co-workers and team as no job can be accomplished in isolation. If you have healthy relationship with your colleagues, there are chances that your performance levels get better due to synergy. You would be able to communicate and coordinate more effectively.

3. Not Taking Initiatives

Companies always love employees who are prompt. They want their employees to take initiatives. And if you think that opportunities are going to come to you then you are sadly mistaken. With this mindset, you can never be rise high in your career and you will always wait for things to come to you. Practically, you should always go and grab the opportunity in order to be moving ahead in your career.

4. Dressing Way Too Casual

It is a fact that your appearance matters and you must focus on the way you dress, your clothes, accessories etc. to make sure that you look impressive and smart. Going to work in casual clothing, not paying attention to your hair or style is another big mistake you are making because constantly you are creating a bad impression. There is nothing good about not being serious about how you look. You should always be dressed nicely. Do not over dress but do not be casual as well. Strike the right balance and it will definitely get you more success.

5. Focusing More on Personal than Professional

We all know that our job choice, negotiations and everything else is always affected by our personal life but mentioning this point again and again is not a professional thing to do. In fact, while making any negotiations for salary or flexi timings, you should also bring in notice the ways in which it will positively affect your company. You must keep your company before your personal needs as this is always counted as a good gesture. So make sure you avoid talking about your personal choices and convenience over that of your company.

All of these common mistakes are committed by all of us as some point in time in our career and it is very important that we must avoid these blunders as they damage our career. So if you have been making such mistakes, it is time to correct them in order to have more benefits of your hard work in your professional life.

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4 Career Risks That Must Always Be Avoided

Taking risk in life is important but to make sure that you don’t end up in mess, you must take smart and calculated risks. We all take risks when it comes to our career but if we don’t take intelligent risks then we can end up losing our job or missing on such an important deal. Risk taking is inevitable if you want to grow and move ahead in your career. And in order to benefit, you must make sure that you take the right risks and avoid the wrong ones.

This article talks about 5 career risks that must always be avoided. Read on to find out what these risks are as they can actually leave you with no job in hand. So in case you are planning any of these risks, keep them out of your list as they can be very damaging for your career.

1. Simply Walking Out of Your Job

We are sometimes so pissed off from our present job or boss that one day we simply decide to quit it. But just wait as this is not the right risk to go for. You might be thinking that once you leave the present job, you will have a fresh start. You will begin looking for a new job and things will normalize. But this is quite optimistic an approach. Practically, you should have a plan before you start acting. Bear the present job for a little longer and find out a suitable job before quitting. This way you will never have to compromise too big with the offers you get in future.

2. Don’t Take Risks Close to Your Retirement

The right time to rake risks is when you are young. You can possibly take all big risks like working abroad, changing your field of work or staring a new business. All these risks are worthy if taken when you are young as you have your complete life to bounce back and be successful. When you are old and your retirement is due in couple of years, taking risks like these is not a wise thing to do. Rather you should keep enjoying your present company and have an easy retirement.

3. Looking Out For Success

Most of us always categorize whatever we do into success and failure because we all want to be successful in our career. But with this kind of an approach, we force ourselves to feel bad, ashamed and defeated when we are not able to perform the way we had planned. This way we are unable to learn from the experience and we tag ourselves as failures. It is good to aim for success but we often miss on the lessons that we should take from our failures.

4. Putting Your Reputation at Stake

Whenever you have to make any choice in your career, you should always analyze it from different perspectives to know how much risk it involves. Taking risks with a job title or association is not that difficult as they don’t harm much and are forgotten soon. On the contrary, if your reputation is at risk then it can cause a long lasting damage to your career and therefore, you must always avoid taking such a chance as it is very damaging.

When we talk about career, various opportunities come our way but we have to be very selective about what opportunities to embrace and what to let go. Whenever moving ahead with any choice, we must take into consideration the risks involved in it. This will always keep your career on the right track and will always help you climb the ladder of success.

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Useful Tips and Advice on Getting a Promotion

Who doesn’t desire a promotion? Well each one of us looks forward for it. But it doesn’t happen all the time that you are offered a promotion by your manager without even asking for it. In such a case, you have to make efforts from your end by requesting a promotion from the manager in a diplomatic manner in order to increase your chances of getting promoted.

This post sincerely takes into account the useful tips and advices which are very effective in putting up your formal request for promotion. So read on and explore how to accomplish this difficult job with effectiveness.

Process of Asking for a Promotion

Follow these guidelines while asking for a promotion and you will definitely nail it, if cards fall in place.

Be Ready to Ask

You should never be hesitant in asking for a promotion if you have strong points to support your demand. Not always you will have your manager come to you with a promotion. So be prepared to ask. In fact, there are so many companies which expect you to apply for it and only then you can enjoy the hike.

Talk it Out With Your Boss

It is very important that you let your immediate boss know that you are applying for a new position in the company. This is essential because all your references will be checked and he should also be prepared for it. Do not miss on discussing it with him or else finding out from the HR Department will not be a very good thing for your relationship.

Go with the Formal Application Process

It is always good to follow the application process in the best possible manner rather than assuming that you will be able to get the job. There are so many people working in the company and not every hiring manager knows everything about you. So make sure that you submit your updated resume and attach it with a formally drafted cover letter. Following the process will keep you in the competition.

Letter of Recommendation

You can get extra points if you can ask your boss, supervisor or other senior staff members to write a letter of recommendation for you. Getting references from higher-level staff with whom you have worked in the past can help you get lots of points. So do not miss on it.

Be Ready to be Interviewed

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for a promotion interview. It is not necessary that just your resume and letter of recommendations are enough. Prepare well to be interviewed and impress the interviewer with your talent.

Thank You Letter Counts

Once you are done with the interview, sending a formal Thank You note or email message makes a remarkable impression. Do not forget to thank the people who took out time to interview you.

Bid Adieu Formally

When you have got selected for the promotion, make sure you take out time to say goodbye to your present team, supervisor and everyone else who is a part of your working team and stay in touch with them. It is important to share the news with them before a formal announcement to keep that warmth in your relationship alive.

Tips on Getting a Promotion

You can only ask for a promotion, if you have done the necessary things to earn it. Given below are some of the tips which you must keep in mind so that you are confident about the demand that you are planning to put across the management.


It is very important for you to perform well in your job before asking for a promotion. You need to have earned impressive performance reviews in order to create a strong image in your company. This will surely help you stand out in the competition.


You really need to be committed to your work. You must always be on time and always present to shoulder responsibilities. These are important to communicate the managers that you are ready to shoulder more difficult responsibilities and face more challenges.

Network and Socialize

You must make sure that you attend all the company gatherings. You need to connect with more and more people at work so that more and more people know you. Managers would prefer promoting a person whom they know rather than someone they are not even aware of.

Stay Ahead with Education

Never miss on the opportunity of joining a refresher’s course or any other professional development program offered by the company as it will help you stay updated and fresh.

Be a Team Player

You need to impress everyone with your ability to work in a team. Be ready to volunteer yourself for different projects. Offer help to co-workers and managers as and when you can. You must work hard to be popular as a strong team player with whom everyone wants to work with.

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Ways for Impressing Employers Using an Impressive Customer Service Representative Resume

Customer service representatives are one of the few job profiles which are very common. In the present times, almost all businesses which have direct interaction with customers need customer service representatives to deal with consumers. This makes it one very common job. And because it doesn’t require any major educational qualifications, more and more people are attracted towards it. Hence, if you are planning to apply for this job then it is sure that you will have to face intense competition as people who have more experience than you will always have brighter chances of getting selected.

To help you get selected, this article brings to you a smart trick which can help you get the attention of the recruiter. You can do so by creating an impressive customer service representative resume. Though there is no formal education needed for this job but employers prefer those candidates who have completed their basic high school education. To create that impression, you need to have reasonable amount of experience on the same profile or in the sales field, this will help you earn extra points. Let us have a look at all the points that must focus on while designing an effective resume for this job profile.

Start with Professional Summary

You should create that desirable first impression with a beautifully framed professional summary which should contain a brief note on your experience and skills which make you a strong contender for this post.

Talk About Your Areas of Expertise

The next point on which you should concentrate is your strength which you should reflect by mentioning your areas of expertise. Use bullet points to talk about all the work that you have been doing. Highlight some quality or strength of your working which will help you create a strong image of your working style. This needs to be framed with an intention to highlight your working.

Professional Experience

Mention about all the companies for which you have worked along with the profile on which you have worked. It is important that you discuss all your jobs one by one in a chronological order. Make sure that you include all the information in an easy to read format. Use this column to talk about all the roles and responsibilities that your job demanded you to perform. This is the best way to mention everything that you have done in past so that the employer feels that you are perfect for the post of customer service representative. It totally depends on your skill that how effectively you discuss your jobs and key roles to get optimum benefits.

Education Qualifications and Certificates

This would be the last important column on which you need to focus. Talk about your education qualification along with any kind of certificate course that you have done that can be helpful in getting you this job. For instance, if you have done some computer course which makes you more competent for this job then mention it.

Using all these points smartly in your resume can help you impress the employer. Make sure that all the information that you are providing is correct without any exaggeration and for sure you will be able to get selected.

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Student Intern Information Format

Before having any student work as an intern in the company, it is important to have all the information before allowing the student to join the company as an intern. For that, an organization needs to have a well structured format for consisting of all the headings under which a company needs information from the student in order to have all the details concerning him. The purpose of this format is to have basic details like contact, address etc. about the candidate.

Here is a format which you can use to create your personalized form to get intern’s information.


S.No. Particulars Details (To be filled by the Student)
1 Student’s Name
2 Internship duration ___________ to __________
3 Student Contact Information






4 Phone (Home) & (Mobile)
5 Emergency Contact Number
6 Email
7 Educational Qualification
8 Main Subject
9 Primary Activities of Internship


Intern (Student) signature



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Performance Review Letter with Evaluation Results

Performance review is an important HR process which is done in order to gauge the performance of an employee and compare it with the standards. This brings clarity in his working and also tells whether he needs to improve or he is performing decent.

Being the HR Manager of the company, you may have to evaluate the performance of the employees every year and then send them a letter in writing consisting complete review of their performance. If you don’t know how to go about framing such a draft then here is an example sample to help you deal with the situation. Use it as reference for writing a customized letter in a professional way.

Sample Performance Review Letter with Evaluation Results

Mathew Jacob

HR Manager,

XYZ Development Bank

42 Richmond Street,

New York

Date: 13th July, 2015

Julia Mars

11, Park Avenue,


Re: Annual Performance Evaluation for 2014-15.

Dear Mr. Mathew Jacob,

This letter brings to your notice the evaluation of your performance for the period of one year from 1st July, 2014 to 30th June, 2015. It studies and analyzes your contribution to the marketing department as senior marketing executive. It also contains remarks from your team leader on your performance and progress for this period.

Your performance has been analyzed based on the following areas: Achievement of Targets, Professional Responsibility and Professional Development.

  1. Achievement of Targets

It takes into account how well you have been performing based on accomplishment of targets that were set for you by your supervisor. It is very important to achieve these targets as it is an essential part of performance.

For 2014-2015, you have been able to accomplish all the targets. This means you have achieved the very first criterion effectively. You have performed as it was expected of you.

  1. Professional Responsibility

It takes into account your conduct as per the rules and regulations of the company. It also includes traits like dedication, commitment and loyalty towards your organization which directly or indirectly affects your working.

For this criterion, you have exceeded the criterion by delivering results beyond expectations. You have followed all the rules of the company and the instructions given by the seniors. You have worked with complete dedication and sincerity which reflects in the quality of your work.

  1. Professional Development

This criterion takes into account the promptness of attending new courses for skill development, for learning new techniques that are helpful in professional development.

For the year 2014-2015, you have attended just one seminar on marketing which means that you need to improve in this area as it is below the significant level. You are recommended to attend more workshops and training sessions that can help you improve your present skills.

  1. Overall Performance

Based on the evaluation results mentioned above, your overall performance can be ranked as satisfactory. You have achieved all the criteria effectively. The only recommendation is to attend more training programs to develop more skills.


Mathew Jacob

HR Manager,

XYZ Development Bank

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Tips to Have High Spirits of Your Team Members

Performance of a company is directly proportional to the performance of an employee. Hence, it is essential for the managers to ensure that their employees are performing well. They also need to know different strategies which are effective in keeping the moral of their employees high so that the team can deliver impressive performance. Happy and positive team always enhances performance and dull and disgruntled team always delivers unsatisfactory results.

This article unfolds some of the most amazing tips that are very effective in keeping the spirits of your team members high and motivates them to enhance their performance levels. Let us see what these tips are.

Always Praise Good Work and Achievements

Whenever a person does something good or achieves something, he wants people around him to acknowledge his efforts. Likewise, it is important that a manager tells his employees when they do some good work. Complimenting these team members at the meetings or writing a personalized note acknowledging their good work is a sweet gesture which makes the person feel that his boss knows about his work and has liked what he has done.

Wishing at Special Occasions

If you wish your employee of his birthday, anniversary or some other important events of his life like becoming a parent etc. then it is something really very small but has a wonderful impact on the person. It is all about making him feel special on his special day. Having a 5 minute cake-cutting ceremony in office on someone’s birthday or sending a greeting card on someone’s anniversary is just a thoughtful action.

Handover Responsibilities

Another important thing that managers can do is that they can handover more responsibilities to the employees. They will not only feel empowered but they will also feel as important part of the organization.

Presence of Top Management for Employees

If the top management is available for the employees then they feel secure and comfortable as they know that they are important to the company. If they feel comfortable in approaching the management for their problems then feel comfortable because they know that they have the administration to listen to their complaints, advices and suggestions and will surely help them have solutions.

Ensure Comfortable Work Area

It is very important to have a work area that is comfortable. If the basic facilities and amenities are missing in the setup then employees feel that their basic needs are not been taken care of. For instance, if the washrooms are not clean or if there is no proper ventilation or if there is no drinking water available in the office, all these things cause discomfort and are a disappointment.

Ensure Transparency

It is good for the company to maintain transparency in working. In this way employees stay informed about what is happening in the organization, what changes are taking place in the system and this way they feel they are a part of the organization. If company fails to do so then they will always feel that the management is hiding something and they will waste their energy in looking for information. Hence, they will never be able to have a bond of trust with the company.

Perks and Benefits

Good companies surprise their employees by giving them some perks and benefits which make them happy. Giving them cash benefits, holiday packages and bonuses are some of the things which are loved by every employee.

As a manager, you can use all of these tips to keep the moral of your employees high. By using these tips, you can actually strengthen the bond that you share with them by making them feel like a family. This way your employees will work for the company with greater zeal and energy.

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